Is a small non-invasive, Bluetooth enabled Gait Analysis system that is inserted into a specially designed belt. It measures Spatial-Temporal Gait Parameters and Pelvic Kinematics. It performs in real time, collecting and comparing collected data to normative data. The Sensor contains a Tri-axial accelerometer with multiple sensitivity, Tri-axial Magnetometer and a Tri-axial Gyroscope with multiple sensitivity.

It allows our practitioneers, to perform a complete and accurate functional Gait Analysis, without the need of a physical Gait Lab.

This device can also record digital video of the patient walking simoltaneously, while the data is actually being collected.

This is beneficial in that, the combined video and data, allow the clinician to see and compare real time, comparative data, that confirms that the dynamic custom made orthopedic device is achieving the desired clinical outcome!

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