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Spalding Orthopedic Design, Inc.

We specialize in the Engineering and Fabrication of “Custom-Made” Orthopedic Devices with the most technologically advanced Lab in SASKATCHEWAN. Our Clinical and Technical staff all have specific degree’s/diploma’s in Orthotics and Prosthetics. Our Lab is the ONLY Lab in Saskatchewan, to hold Nationally Accreditation with the Prescription Foot Orthotics Laboratory Association. Whether it is for work, sports, or rehabilitation, our individual custom made orthopedic devices are beneficial to those who require an intimate fit, all day comfort, with maximum function and performance.

Please note: Patients are seen by appointment only! New Patients must have a referral or prescription from a licensed health care provider such as a Physician, Podiatrist, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, or Nurse practitioner.

We are proud to employ members of:

Vorum System

Is a CAD/CAM system that has been specifically designed for Orthotics and Prosthetics. It uses specially designed scanners that measure and shape captures any body segment. Read More

3D L.A.S.S.A.R Posture System

This is a unique piece of diagnostic equipment that simultaneously captures and measures in real time, the Vertical and Horizontal ground reaction…
Read More


Is a small non-invasive, Bluetooth enabled Gait Analysis system that is inserted into a specially designed belt. It measures Spatial-Temporal Gait.. Read More


Just Some of the Products We Offer

Ankle Foot Orthotics

for treatment of Foot Drop due to stroke, CP or trauma

Arm/Wrist Braces

for treatment of Ligament or Neurological injuries

Cranial Orthosis

treatment prescribed for infants to help correct the baby's skull shape

Foot Orthotics

for treatment of Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Diabetic ulcers

Knee Braces

for treatment of ligament injuries or Osteo-arthritis

Spinal Bracing

Orthotic management of spinal disorders for treatment of Scoliosis

Reviews from our happy patients

“Many years ago I suffered from plantar fasciitis & had my first pair of orthotics from Spalding & was very pleased to have quick improvement in my feet. Recently, I noticed one of the orthotics thinning. It was obvious I’d neglected the health of my feet, again! Each morning I would experience tenderness in the balls of my feet. I am pleased to say that after just one week this tenderness is almost gone! I recommend their quality of service to anyone that is experiencing foot pain.”

“Would you be surprised to know that I travel from Nova Scotia to Rouleau to get my orthotics fitted? Everything about my experience with Spaldings has been excellent. They provide a professional assessment and then build an orthotic insert crafted just for me and my problem feet. I have worn orthotics for years and it wasn’t until I discovered Spaldings in Rouleau that I had ever had orthotics that made walking pleasant again. I recommend their services and will continue to visit when my orthotics need renewing.”

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